Painting, album art for DACHA. (A dacha is a Russian summer home in the countryside) I was going for a Thomas Kinkade nuclear winter sort of look.  Download their FREE EP:


From 2007-2009 occupants of House 4541 in Seattle’s University District produced a number of experimental videos, primarily constructed from found footage vhs tapes.

Participants or players which took part in the original vhs sessions that went on to become The Enigma of Steal included:  

Bryan Auger, Crystal Perez, James Nielsen and Jason Goldsbury.  

Hoodie design for Beth’s Cafe 60th Anniversary.



A collection of drawings, illustrations, posters, texts, collages, murals, photos, video stills, objects, installations, parties, altars, and relics by James Nielsen, and a variety of collaborators. It features both representational and abstract works. This art book is a tribute to the record, Master of Reality, and should be viewed at high volume.

154 pages 
360 images 
7”x7” square 
High quality color prints by


Eurydice in the Underworld (LSD).  21”x14” (markers and pen on paper) 


Alien and Ape,  Misc. symbols etc.

1. Tshirt/hoodie design for GAMELAN SEKAR JAYA.  My interpertation of a traditional Balinese-style Saraswati (सरस्वती).      

2. Flyer for my birthday show w/ Midday Veil , Fever Witch, Night Worship, Exsex, and Drunk Jesus & Billy Brodwell at The Speakeasy, Oakland. 

3, 4. Flyers I did for Ashley Svn and the Seattle Occultural Music Association, proposed Thee Source logo.

Posters for Rose and Bowiemas, San Francisco.

Redesigned logos for Duck Island Ale House, Seattle, Washington.  The Duck is the bar next door to infamous 24-hour Beth’s Cafe, on Seattle’s Aurora Ave.  

Also included is my re-do of the Lucifer Beer logo,

Various art for HONEY.MOON.TREE.

Our Mother the Mountain - Western Sin

Album art step by step, sketch through completion, for Brock Carless of Our Mother the Mountain.

Album art for VITO & THE ONE-EYED JACKS.


Letter from Dr. Jones

Under the Needle Tattoo apprenticeship formula grab bag extravaganza.  (Under the Influence)

Posters for The Seattle Occultural Musick Festival, which I am one of the founders of.


I was previously an apprentice at Under the Needle Tattoo in Seattle. ,  I ended up doing a lot of graphic design stuff for them, featuring tattoos done by some of their excellent tattooers.

Broken Penis Orchestra - F.R.I.A.A. w/ Crystal Perez. Cowboys and India. Revelation! Your People Shall Be My People. Cut Up. Sigmund Freud. Tilt Out! For Perfect Control of the First.  Television pyramid diagram. Color-bar Coyote 1,2.

Various Marker drawings:  Letter to Devo.  Self Portrait.  Witches Sabbath.  Zombie.  Reptilian Shapeshifters.  Proposal for Doom Mural.  Sorcerer.  

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Yelp Reviews:

"Sometimes I think that if the human cutural unconscious dreams, then you are the pen it writes its sparkly pink journal with."

"what can i say? it's a fisheye view of the puddle under a box of crayons licked by white hot solar flares, a beautiful recreation of unicorn aura seen through a prismatic monocle. the art sticks with you like the aftermath of a clown car suicide bomb, decades later you'll wake in cold sweats, muttering incoherently about what you saw. your friends and family will learn to avoid mentioning it for fear of triggering another "fit"."

"I've had DMT trips less kaleidoscopic and less insightful than some of James Nielsen's work."

"Shit's so esoteric I joined Daughters of the Nile in the hopes of one day understanding what the fuck I am looking at."

"James washes dishes with the passion and intensity of someone with way better things to do."

"Drop acid, listen to Black Sabbath's first four records, read Crowley's entire collected works, watch some pro wrestling from the 80s, then close your eyes. what you see won't be quite as good, because James is smarter than you and clever enough to have damaged his brain in just the right way."

"James lives in a parallel dimension to us and only appears solid because of his godly aura. He has broken through the barrier between dimensions to wash dishes and speak profound, otherworldy truths. Also I think he makes art. (P.S. I ordered your artbook to my friend's place in Berlin with my tax return money.)"

"James Nielsen said he would draw me a picture and didn't."

"James Nielsen's work ruined my life, and I thank him for it."

"What can I say about James Nielsen and his art? If we were in Highschool he would be by far the best artist. His minimal knowledge of anatomy and psychedelic use of color will wow any 10th grader. Fully Capable of creating 4 marker drawings a year, and feeling good about his accomplishments he rides like a shinning white light of mediocrity in the poster art world."

"While writing a class on how to create collages, I could only think of the work I'd seen by James Nielsen. I really liked the way he combined images in a non-sequitur way while still giving the piece a context thematically. His work is highly elaborate, surreal and subversive. As a surrealist, I really appreciate the cryptic messages in his work and his attention to detail. James was nice enough to let me use some of his work as reference material in my class. I provided the class a link to his portfolio and I can only hope that a bunch of people who are my grandparents age will be shocked by seeing Hulk Hogan wrestling a giant cock or an ape getting fucked doggystyle by an extraterrestrial."

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